Turn your cherished furr-baby... dog or cat...parrot or rat.....guinea pig or bunny- YOU. NAME. IT!  Into a 16x20 painting!


Come to a small, one-day, 2 hr workshop & Hammar's Studio will help you/your child recreate your favorite furry friends with some exciting and unique painting techniques! No painting experience necessary.


We help you get the perrrrrrrr fect pet portrait! Send a good pic of your beloved pet in ahead to us so we can do an exclusive layout for you. (you must have signed up online first) Tips for selecting a good pet photo:

  • Not too dark or light, this will make matching paint colors more difficult
  • Make sure you can clearly see your pet’s face
  • More up-close images tend to be easier to work from
  • Include Your Name, Pet's Name, & E-mail to: Info@HammarsArtStudio.com 

Paint Your Pet! Sat Jun 26th 4pm-6pm