Do you have a child who loves to doodle and draw? 


Cultivate their artistic curiosity with a children’s class that will teach your child the fun-damentals of drawing!  This course covers drawing from A-Z!

  • Drawing materials such as pencil grades, paper structures/contents, 
  • blending tools, & ~not all erasers are created equal~!
  • Art terminology 
  • Perspective
  • Composition
  • Structure and so much more!


Here's the agenda for the next session!

Week 1:  Contour/Line Drawing -- Blind contour, contour still life

Week 2:  Gesture Drawing -- Light vs. shadow, values, using shadows and highlights instead of solid black outline

Week 3:  Form and Volume -- Drawing 3 dimensional shapes 

Week 4:  Perspective and Proportion -- Shapes in a still life and their relationship to other elements of the still life

Week 5:  Atmospheric Perspective -- Landscape; The way objects nearer to us look vs. objects that are far away, experiment with pencil hardnesses 

Week 6: Value -- Taking a color photograph and using only values to recreate it 

Week 7:  Figurative Drawing -- Cartoon, realism and anime style 

Week 8:  Final project & “show and tell” !


Class Schedule: Mondays 6pm-6:45pm for 8 weeks.

This is an 8 week class/2 month's tuition rate class. Reserve your space in this class by paying the first month's tuition of $69.99.  The remaining $69.99 will be due during the 3rd week's class. 


Art Class Tuition Rates/Options:

Monthly tuition: $69.99/PIF Rate $139.98

Sibling monthly tuition: $59.99/PIF Rate $119.98

*We are kindly asking for 8 weeks of tuition as we now going to as "touchless" in the lobby as possible and offering "valet" child pick up/drop off options. If you have question,

Please contact us for more information:  603-751-8008



FUN-damentals of Drawing, ages 6-12

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