Open Studio style Make and Take ceramics painting event: Sat Sept 19th 11am-12pm. Purchase your studio seat (only 14 available!) and choose from hundereds of ceramics to paint, ranging in price of $6.99-$18.99.

Recommended for all ages (parents should assist children under 6).


*Plenty of elbow room as seating is spaced out! Please see our Health/Safety tab for more info about Covid safety protocols.


How do Ceramic Make & Take events work?

Register for an event​ online, at the studio, or over the phone. *Walk- ins welcome too, but we can not guarantee availabilty without a prepaid online ticket.


Come in during the “open painting time”.​ If you are with a larger group or a meticulous painter, try to come during the beginning so you have the full amount of time. More detailed pieces will take longer time to paint and everyone’s pace is different too! Ceramic pieces will be on display for purchase after checking in at our front desk.


​Paint Away....​ ​Our team of artists will help you choose paints, brushes, and other necessary tools to complete your ceramic. Our team will offer guidance and support between guests, but please know that this is an unstructured event and guests are welcome to “paint freely” and leave as they complete their pieces.


What about bringing smaller children? Younger children (recommended for 6 and under) should be accompanied and assisted by adults at all times. ​

Ceramic events are not drop off events. NO unsupervised children please.


Once your ceramic is complete an Art Studio Associate will assist you in placing your ceramics in an area to be dried. You will have the option to have it sprayed with a crystal clearcoat of spray if your piece is dry within enough time. Spraying is optional and gloss type is personal preference, but it does offer ceramics a matte or shine protective layer and extends the life of the paint on the ceramic. For guests that may need additional dry time or desire a higher gloss to their ceramic, we offer cans of final spray to be purchased or a packet of amaze-a-glaze paintable gloss finish. Both may be applied safely from home by an adult.


Take Home & Enjoy your art! Voila!


Frequently Asked Questions:

Some of the Ceramics Pieces shown look a little detailed and too advanced for my younger children, do you offer any simpler ceramics so my younger children could participate too?
Yes, our studio carries a large assortment of ceramics that includes many smaller, simpler designs for tiny hands and at a lower price. At every ceramic event we have additional ceramic options for our guests to purchase.


Are the paints in the studio safe for children and people to use? What about fumes?

Our studio uses a non-toxic acrylic based medium. There is no odor and is safe for both children and adults to use responsibly in an artful way. Our acrylic paints ARE permanent, however, and so we recommend utilizing OUR complimentary studio aprons, which cover our younger guests quite generously.


Does Hammar’s Art Studio offer group rates or Birthday parties for Ceramic Events?

Yes! Our studio offers both; group rates for larger parties and birthday party packages for children’s celebrations. We also offer them online! Please reach out to our studio for more information at: ​​ and an associate will be in touch with you.


Do you need to have any experience to paint ceramics?

No! Painting ceramics is easy, fun, and very enjoyable if you just sit back and let your imagination go free! Our friendly Art Associates will be available to guide and encourage anyone who needs extra support.

Fall Ceramics: Make & Take Sat 9/19 1pm

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