This course is ideal for the artist who marvels at animation, gaming, design, or creating stories. This is a beginner to intermediate level course that gradually builds to more advanced techniques, types of illustrations, and helps to develop core skills as designers and creative thinkers. Students will explore the 7 principles of art and 8 elements of design that will become the foundation of drawing! Then, with designer knowledge we will begin developing sequences of ideas and stories; shaping characters and designs to gradually create our very own final piece! Ages 8-teens, 60 minutes in Studio, 8 weeks: $179.98

Schedule: Wednesdays 6:15pm-7:15pm May 18th - July 6th

Registering multiple children? Sibling discounts available online via coupon code:

$20.00 off 2 or more: fallsibling20

$40.00 off 3 or more: fallsibling40

$60.00 off 4 or more: fallsibling60

Design & Anime: Wednesdays 6:15pm-7:15pm