Dive into the deep, blue sea and spend your week with mermaids, pirates, and sharks. . . oh, my! As you wade in the beautiful waters, you will collect lovely sea shells and paint magnificent lagoons–all depicting the humble abode that your favorite water nymphs, marauders, and sea creatures like to call home!


Register here for the single day of  Castaways: 6/30 Salem, NH location

10am-1pm Ages 6-teens. Rates Include all taxes and fees.


Single day of Summer Art Camp (6/30) 'Treasure Hunting: Scales and Skulls': Traverse the salty shores and find the treasures it holds–or the creatures beached upon it! Dig through the sand or wade in the waters and find a submerged, scaly pirate skull or the brilliant scales of a mermaid tail right on your canvas, all of which are truly treasures to behold.


What is the agenda for Art Camp?


  • 9:55am-10:10am: Our Studio within the mall is open to accommodate drop off. Please walk into our Studio Storefront and check in your camper at the desk. You will need to sign them into our Drop Off/Pick Up book. Our Studio Associates will need to confirm with you the responsible party and phone # for pick up on our daily sign in sheet.

 *If your child has a food related allergy, please speak with the Art Studio team at drop off!

  • 10:10am-11:20am: Main Camp project

  • 11:20am -11:40am: Snack purchases and intermission 

  • 11:40am-1:00pm: Main project completion 

  • 1:00pm: Parent Pick up begins at the Studio



Treasure Hunting: Scales & Skulls painting 6/30 Salem