Lasting, Solid Resin, High Performance Taklon Synthetic Hair : 

Creative Inspirations brushes are made to last longer than the traditional brushes, plus they have a high end feel and performance. One of their greatest features is their addition of the new, innovative Dura-Handle™, which has a balanced feel, as it is solid resin. Dura-Handle™will not crack or chip after continuously being soaked in water or solvents.


Use for all traditional media including oils, acrylics and watercolors.

Ideal for students, teachers, classroom use, and artists of all skill levels!

  • Brushes feature long, Dura-Handle™, solid resin handle

  • Brush hairs are high performance taklon synthetic hair

  • Seamless nickel plated brass ferrules

  • Handles will not chip or crack when soaked in water

  • Creative Inspirations Brushes last longer than wood handled brushes and clean up is a breeze!

  • Very versatile applications - Use with oils, acrylics and watercolors!

  • Perfect for painting businesses, schools and classrooms

  • Ideal for students, teachers, and artists of all skill levels

  • This set includes the following brush sizes: (Item# 443229)-  #2(Round),  #6(Round), #8(Round),  1/2" (Flat)

4 Piece long handled brush set